Anna Nightingale: ‘Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it’
Ray Calleja: ‘Time-travel? I’d go to Ancient Egypt. Ideally when things were calm. No drama please!’
Francesca Lauri: ‘I watched the new West Side Story and I cried. Bernstein’s music is just incredible’
Tyrone Grima: ‘I believe that there is a living source that generates love’
Antoine Farrugia: ‘Everyone has experiences to share. I can learn something from everyone I meet’
Bettina Paris: ‘Endings come just as fast as beginnings’
Sean Buhagiar: ‘Time flies. Fast. So, love’
Sarah Demicoli: ‘My worst habit is falling asleep halfway through a movie’
Gabriel Buttigieg: ‘I can describe myself as being happy so far. I’m fulfilling my life’s purpose’
Jayne Giordanella: ‘Becoming an actor in my 40s has been a long road but not giving up is a life lesson’
Katel Delia: ‘I like knitting! Even if doesn’t sound fashionable’
Paul Borg: ‘We should always be kind to one another, we’ve no idea what people are going through’
Cher Camilleri: ‘Fake Ophelia’s debut album is on repeat. An impressive local album’
Anton Saliba: ‘I think the last time I cried was at the end of Paddington 2’
Lucienne Camilleri: ‘I’m a resilient perfectionist... and an addictive theatre-goer!’
Dmitry Ishkhanov: ‘Opening new pieces is like following the journey of a protagonist’
Alex Attard: ‘There are no problems. Only indecisions’
Neil Hales: ‘Take me back to the birth of Acid House, the magical years of raving!’
Cherylis: ‘No matter how hard it gets, there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel’
Debbie Bonello: ‘I’m happy meeting anyone with a good personality from all walks of life’
Sergey Smbatyan: ‘I truly believe in what I do and managed to unite quite a large number of people around one vision’
Nadine Cuschieri: ‘Never change for anyone or anything’
Ryan Grech: ‘No matter the plans... everything can change in the blink of an eye’
Vikesh Godhwani: ‘Best advice I’ve received? If it doesn’t matter in five years, it doesn’t matter’
Clayton Mercieca: ‘Don’t do good to be seen but be seen to do good’
Jesmark Scicluna: ‘I would like to go back to Biblical times to meet Jesus and ask him some questions’
Nik Keter: ‘Pain may seem like it lasts forever in the moment, but it passes too’
Cassandra Galea: ‘That thing that you’re worried about? It will be fine, relax and enjoy your day’