Jo Caruana: ‘I’d take great pleasure using a huge stun gun, protecting wild animals from poachers’
Davinia Hamilton: ‘My guiltiest pleasure? I never feel guilty about pleasure’
John Montanaro: ‘I have so many interests and hobbies, the biggest challenge is to find time for all of it’
Scott Dixon: ‘I am very emotional. Inside this rough, tough exterior is a real man’
Chiara Hyzler: 'Everything has its time and happens for a reason'
Jerome Gabarretta: ‘You can’t control the outcome, but you can control your effort’
Louiselle Vassallo: ‘Kindness is key. Pay it forward, I say’
Philippa Cassar | 'It’s okay not to fit into a pre-existing box'
Kris Spiteri: 'Diligent, sarcastic and I guess, krispi'
Chiara Siracusa: ‘Never judge a book by its cover, most times people have reasons for their actions’
Antonio Flores: 'I want to create a legacy – I want to challenge the status quo in Malta'
Erika Galea: 'Never wish anything upon others that you do not wish upon yourself'
Wayne Flask: ‘I don’t dig influencers. I’m not swayed by keyboard wisdom’
Alan Paris: ‘After this show… a mime artist. We’ve laughed so much in rehearsal’
Tezara Saliba: ‘Never mould yourself into another version of yourself to please others’
Ryan Falzon: ‘Life ain’t fair, and nothing sharpens you up like hate’
Andrei Claude: ‘I want to spend time with Tibetan monks in the Himalayas before I die’
Moira Delia: 'I wish I knew how to take my childhood days at a slower pace'
Eileen Montesin: ‘I’m 100% fun when I’m drunk. But I usually regret it all the next day’
Claire Azzopardi: 'Don’t allow negative people to steal your joy'
Mark Micallef Costa: 'Take life with a pinch of salt, we only live once'
James Dimech: 'My love of animals is something I want to be remembered for'
Gaia Cauchi: ‘Singing in front of Simon Cowell would be one of the things that I’m most proud of’
Amy Micallef: ‘As much as I try to limit myself I always end up sinning on some chocolate’
Luke Chappell: ‘I miss being a kid sometimes, not aware of the problems around you’
Manatapu: ‘We all want to be the pirates in Pirates Of The Caribbean’
Rachel Lowell: ‘It’s better to move at a slower pace than hurry and stumble’
Marisha Bonnici: ‘Writing farewell letters to my students pursuing dance international brings tears to my eyes’