Adrian Buckle: ‘I am a come-on-too-strong, shut-up-sit-down kind of person’
Karly Naudi: My earliest memory is running around the roof of my childhood home in my mother’s heeled boots
Amber: ‘We stop being successful once we stop learning’
Leanne Ellul: To write well you have to recognize that sometimes you don’t write well
Cliff Zammit Stevens: There is always light at the end of the tunnel
Andre Schembri: If you want to succeed, get out of your comfort zone
Mario Vella: ‘Shyness is a most horrible affliction that should be dealt with immediately’
Marilena Gauci: I wish I knew more of how temporary this life is
Tamara Webb: We cannot take life for granted. It’s shorter than we think!
Clare Azzopardi: The most important lesson life has taught me is not to expect anything from anyone
Oz & Jay: We're probably the most brutally honest breakfast jocks out there
Kris Micallef: It's okay to be yourself and embrace individuality
Ben Camille: I’m learning to deal with the negative remarks about me on social media
Fuzzhoneys: Don't show the people in power so much passion or they'll take advantage and ruin it
Joseph Calleja: I cried when I realized how quickly my children are growing up
Stella Cini: I don’t believe in the solitary ‘father figure’ God, I believe we are all some form of god really
Q&A | Melanie Kelly: Even the worst of traumas happen for a reason
Zach Muscat | The hardest part of living abroad is definitely being away from my family
Ira Losco: ‘My greatest achievement is uniting Malta regardless of political colour in 2002’
Christabelle: ‘My parents live for my sister and me. I’d love to be able to give that same kind of love one day’
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