Karl Schembri: ‘Do your utmost to be the best version of yourself, any time and everyday’
Matt Thompson: 'Seize the day as things can change in an instant'
Denise Mulholland: 'Best advice I've ever received? You make your own sandwiches'
Sarah Maria Scicluna: 'Everything is temporary, everything passes'
Martine Cutajar: 'My biggest challenge has definitely been building my confidence and believing that I am not inferior to others'
Colin Attard: 'Who's my inspiration? Artistically speaking, it is my uncle, the late Mro Joseph Vella'
Stelios Pittas: 'My biggest challenge? Combining my professional work as an accountant with my music career'
Nikki Cassar: 'Live in the present – the future is not guaranteed'
Thea Gauci: 'My favourite food? There is no doubt that my preferred food is pasta, prepared with any variety of sauce
Sasha Vella: 'That life is meant to be lived, not survived. And that it is in itself worth living'
Clare Ghigo: 'Who’s your inspiration? Nature and peace.'
Tiziana Calleja: 'Who would you most like to meet? Beyoncé. She does inspire me'
Graham Pellegrini: 'Everything happens for a reason, and you should always trust in the process'
Kelsey Bellante: Best advice? Love yourself first as you have yourself for the rest of your life
Alexandra Aquilina: 'My greatest achievement? Surviving the Berlin winter for seven years'
Gabrielle Portelli: 'Be proud of your successes but accept your failures as well because those are what allow you to grow'
Hannah Spiteri: 'My inspiration? All the musical theatre mentors I’ve learned from growing up'
Emily Francis: 'Know what you know and know it confidently'
Krista Šujak: 'Life has taught me time and time again to listen to my dearest mother'
Carlos Farrugia: 'Always be positive in every circumstance and always give others more than they expect from you'
Dorothy Bezzina: 'We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same'
Alan Sciberras: 'Do not hesitate when you should take action'
Jean Pierre Busuttil: ‘Forgive and let go; and never stop learning’
Victor Agius: 'Breath in, breath out. Keep your eyes open. Everything happens for a reason'
Jasmine Farrugia: 'Focus on what you want in your life, not what you’re lacking'
​Myron Ellul: 'It turns out, no one really knows what they’re doing'
Michaela Agius: 'Have courage and be kind. Yes, that is totally from Cinderella'
Chess Galea: 'There are things in life you can control and those you can’t. Focus on the things you can control'