Mikaela: ‘My worst habit is being a perfectionist all the time: it’s either a blessing or a curse’
Mario Zammit Lewis: ‘I don’t listen enough to others... but I am learning’
Rebecca Theuma: ‘Biggest challenge? Processing grief’
Charles Casha: ‘I am inspired a lot by the characters of people’
Corrine Muscat: ‘If something breaks, do your best to fix it instead of throwing it away’
Luke Mercieca: ‘Biggest challenge? Trying to stay sane and creative during the pandemic’
Catherine Cavallo: ‘My earliest memory is a bollocking on my third birthday for not sharing my new toys’
Benjamin Bailey: ‘Superpower? Flight. The traffic is killing me’
Julia Lundberg: ‘I always get someone else to pay for the expensive things’
Fabio Spiteri: ‘My earliest memory is my dad typing on an old typewriter’
Stephanie Borg: ‘Superpower? Clone myself – there are so many things I’d like to do!’
Dario Genovese: Guiltiest pleasure? Watching ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ with my wife
Neil Agius: ‘Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind you have to convince’
Owen Jay: ‘In the morning, my son always reminds me to play some vinyl unless he has a request’
Antoinette Borg: Life is short. Keep chasing ‘one day’ and it might never come
Anthea Zammit: ‘My grandma instilled in me my love for reading and hunger for knowledge’
Trevor Zahra: ‘My books are my most treasured material possession’
Kathrine Brown: ‘Superpower? Flight. Just imagine the savings on petrol!’
Philip Vella: ‘Life is a balancing act, and it’s not always easy to keep the right balance’
Nataša Pantović: ‘I meditate in an attempt to recall my dreams’
Maria Buckle: ‘Worst habit? I am the queen of procrastination’
Aleksa Ristovic: ‘Time travel? Early 50s – rock ’n’ roll days, or else somewhere in the far future’
Enya Magri: ‘My grandparents were my support system. Seeing them pass away was a big challenge for me’
Steve Hili: ‘I don’t have guilty pleasures. I revel in my pleasures’
Sandie von Brockdorff: ‘We’re all monkeys trying to figure out life’
Matthew James: ‘I’m in a nostalgic mood so I’m going through my Depeche Mode collection’
Juno Valdez: ‘Guiltiest pleasure? Egg, bacon and sausage breakfast buns’
Leonardo Barilaro: ‘Silence is the best music when I’m trying to relax’