David JR Meilak: 'Anything that gives us a sense of hope is important for our sanity'
Julinu: ‘Life is not a rehearsal… do what you can with what you already have and share it with others’
Janice Mangion: 'I love our language, it’s what makes us Maltese'
Angele Galea: ‘Binging on Netflix on my tablet in bed... I'm living my sci-fi childhood dream’
Martina Camilleri: 'Always follow your heart and do whatever makes you happy in life'
Red Electrick: ‘Happiness is finding a path to solving the problems you enjoy solving the most’
Joe Azzopardi: ‘Just do it. Don’t think about it and do it’
Maxine Pace: ‘I wish I could get to any place in one second. I’m always late!’
Mistura | Don’t feel bad if you don’t know what you’re doing, nobody else knows
Mikhail Basmadjian | I believe in a higher power that has no colour, race, history or language
Claire Agius Ordway | 'I deplore those who sit there trying to put down others who work hard'
Loranne Vella: ‘2018 was my year of achievements’
Aleandro Spiteri Monsigneur | ‘Too much perfectionism takes its toll’
Clare Agius: ‘It makes me cry to think my children may not be able to breathe and live well on this planet’
The Busker | ‘Paul McCartney... he’s the person who inspired me to write songs’
Edward Mercieca: ‘As I grow old, I well up much easier. I have no problem with it’
Julian Azzopardi: ‘We take freedom and privilege for granted while knowingly trying to ‘get one over’ our neighbour’
Michela Galea: ‘Never let anyone bring you down, be the best you can be’
Mikaela Attard: ‘My biggest challenge is keeping negativity from others, out of my life’
Chris Dingli: ‘I wasn’t ready for fatherhood mentally, emotionally or financially’
Sarah Bonnici: ‘Leaving Gozo to live and study in Malta has been my biggest challenge’
The Travellers’ Chris Gatt: ‘Dinner with anyone? Freddie Mercury’
Leona Farrugia from Cryptic Street: ‘I want AC/DC’s Highway To Hell played at my funeral’
Hooli: ‘Who’d play me in a movie? Vin Diesel or Dwayne Johnson’
Alexandra Alden: ‘Always be kind and always be honest’
Joseph Zammit: ‘God? Very difficult for a student of history to believe in one’
Melissa Pace: ‘I don’t let my struggles and fears get in the way of what I want to achieve’
Adrian Buckle: ‘I am a come-on-too-strong, shut-up-sit-down kind of person’