Trevor Zahra: ‘My books are my most treasured material possession’
Kathrine Brown: ‘Superpower? Flight. Just imagine the savings on petrol!’
Philip Vella: ‘Life is a balancing act, and it’s not always easy to keep the right balance’
Nataša Pantović: ‘I meditate in an attempt to recall my dreams’
Maria Buckle: ‘Worst habit? I am the queen of procrastination’
Aleksa Ristovic: ‘Time travel? Early 50s – rock ’n’ roll days, or else somewhere in the far future’
Enya Magri: ‘My grandparents were my support system. Seeing them pass away was a big challenge for me’
Steve Hili: ‘I don’t have guilty pleasures. I revel in my pleasures’
Sandie von Brockdorff: ‘We’re all monkeys trying to figure out life’
Matthew James: ‘I’m in a nostalgic mood so I’m going through my Depeche Mode collection’
Juno Valdez: ‘Guiltiest pleasure? Egg, bacon and sausage breakfast buns’
Leonardo Barilaro: ‘Silence is the best music when I’m trying to relax’
Marcelline Agius: My biggest challenge has been trying to be innovative
Matt Stroud: ‘My guilty pleasures are horror movies: the good ones, the bad and the ugly ones’
Erica Muscat: ‘I used to have dreams where I could control flight. There’s nothing quite like it’
James Ryder: ‘Guiltiest pleasure? High School Musical’
Maria Spiteri: ‘Guiltiest pleasure? Binge-eating sweets when I’m angry or sad’
Mark Grenside: ‘Biggest challenge? Realising we know so little’
Louie Camilleri-Pace: ‘Worst habit? Playing video games till the early hours of the morning’
Tina Rizzo: ‘Hold breath for 10 seconds. Release for 10. Great. Another day corona-free’
Joseph Refalo: ‘Earliest memory? Me in front of the mirror, with a hairbrush in hand, trying to sing’
Melanie Martins: ‘If you don’t see the book you want on the shelf, write it’
Emma Muscat: My guilty pleasure is craving my biscuits and milk in the weird hours of night
Julie Pomorski: ‘Who would I most like to meet? My future husband…’
Stephen La Rosa: ‘Kitchen Confidential’ was one of the reasons I fell in love with the culinary industry
Wesley Ellul: ‘Loud, but definitely fun. Not an angry drunk but a very jolly one’
Joe Roscoe: ‘Go to sleep every night satisfied with today’s contribution to tomorrow’
Leanne Bartolo: ‘Worst habit? Stealing chocolates from the cupboard and hiding the wrappers’