[WATCH] Robert Abela in Libya: Malta to reopen Tripoli embassy in coming days
The Libyan frontier
Peter Agius
Malta stopped pick-ups suspected for Libya military conversion
Libyan prime minister designate asks Malta for more support
Bartolo calls for more concrete EU engagement in Libya to support economic recovery
Malta condemns assassination attempt of Libyan interior minister Bashagha
Migrants from Libya reach Birżebbuġa on dinghy
€927 million in goods breaching Libya sanctions seized by Malta customs
UN, Malta salute Libya ceasefire for ‘better, safer, and more peaceful future’
Evarist Bartolo calls for unity in meeting with Libyan officials
Malta authorities delighted at arrest of Libyan ‘coast-guard trafficker’ Al Bija
Malta customs seize 23 powerboats destined for Libya’s migrant smugglers
Libyan politicians in Malta talks on unity and reconciliation in Libya
Robert Abela tells European Council president, Malta needs 'concrete action' on migration
Neville Gafà to be charged over threats to Italian journalist
Libyan ceasefire announced, Malta supports peace efforts
Malta and Turkey hold talks with GNA leader over Libya’s future
Evarist Bartolo in Libya on Thursday for talks on cooperation
Malta affirms ‘neutrality’ in call with Egypt after Ankara meeting with Turkey-GNA alliance
Foreign Minister stresses need for peaceful resolution to Libyan conflict in official visit to Turkey
Malta PM Robert Abela stresses border controls in Valletta talks with Libyan GNA leader Fayez el Serraj
Bartolo calls for EU-US alliance to gain Libyans’ trust
Bartolo speaks to Russia’s Sergey Lavrov on Libyan conflict and migration
Maltese official to be posted in Libya in fight against ‘illegal immigration’
Russia tells Malta it wants seized Libyan cash back
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Investigators uncover roles of mercenaries in UAE-backed Libya helicopter gunship plan
Suspected mercenaries were released from arrest after two days
Libya, not relocation, is only real solution to migration crisis, Robert Abela says
Mercenaries backing Haftar used RHIBs supplied by Malta arms dealer, UN report says
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Malta courts Turkey in bid on migrant impasse with Libya
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Maltese arms dealer is charged in Libya sanctions-busting case
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