Abela, Grech go head-to-head on climate change
Prime Minister greets Russell Crowe on set of ‘Prizefighter’
Malta doubles contribution to green climate fund, Abela warns of ‘grave danger’ for small islands
PM: Climate change can be overcome through a global collective effort
The terror of Robespierre
Saviour Balzan
The election that never was
Abela accuses PN of devising early election ruse to derail economic activity
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Abela and Grech in Brussels, meet PES and EPP counterparts ahead of Council
Inflexible rules deprive Metsola of seat at European Council summit
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Kurt Sansone / Karl Azzopardi
Abela: ‘It’s the people who’ll decide if this budget gets implemented’
Robert Abela toys with Opposition as he skirts round questions on election
Robert’s election dilemma: a November quickie or prolonged foreplay
Prime Minister tells developers building industry is key driver but must not be the only one
Prime Minister testifies in migrant pushback case: 'I am not involved in operational details of rescues'
Rights of unborn child should not be neglected in abortion debate, PM states
Climate change is an ‘opportunity’ for Malta – PM Robert Abela
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Prime Minister's office in contact with police over Manuel Delia security concerns
Robert Abela rules out pre-budget election during PL rally
Air link for Gozo without loss of agricultural land, Robert Abela promises Gozitans
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PM must act on hostile rhetoric to journalists - PEN Malta
General election: Abela keeps PN on their toes but looks to 2022
PM: Labour capable of recognising past mistakes, unlike PN
Abela vs Grech: Trust gap remains significant
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Public inquiry recommendations will take time to implement, Abela says
Robert Abela pours cold water on November election but won't rule it out
Prime Minister condemns disinformation campaign, seeks stronger measures to fight cybercrime
Robert Abela is weak, being controlled – Bernard Grech
Marsaskala yacht marina: Grech vows to repeal current plans, presses on proper consultation
Bernard Grech: Abela choosing ‘friends’ over national interest
Climate change: Opposition focused on criticising not providing alternatives, PM says
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Strengthening journalism unites the PM, Opposition in separate interviews
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