COVID: 10 new cases registered on Sunday
COVID-19: 8 new infections, one patient in ITU
COVID-19: Children no longer required to take PCR tests; no clusters in schools
COVID-19: 18 new infections, no patients in ITU
COVID-19: 24 new cases registered, one in ITU
COVID-19: 24 new cases, one patient in ITU
Study to see if mask-wearing at school can be scrapped, Chris Fearne says
COVID-19: 18 new cases, no patients in ITU as vaccine booster drive continues
COVID-19: One death registered, no patients in ITU
COVID-19: Bars, restaurants that only allow entry to fully vaccinated will benefit from less restrictions
COVID-19: 18 patients in hospital, four in ITU
COVID-19: 16 new cases, 44 new recoveries registered
University students find it ‘questionable’ why return to campus cannot be guaranteed
COVID-19: 91-year-old woman dies, four patients in ITU
Tension at COVID 'freedom rally' as protestors split into factions
Health authorities complete COVID vaccine booster rollout for elderly home residents
COVID quarantine protocols in Malta, travel restrictions to change - Chris Fearne
Labour MEP calls for flexibility in quarantine for girl with Down’s Syndrome
COVID-19: Four patients in ITU, 35 new infections registered
[WATCH] Shipping costs faced by importers cannot be solved through government funding alone - Miriam Dalli
Mother appeals to health authorities to allow girl with Down’s Syndrome to quarantine at home
COVID-19: Two deaths, 33 in hospital
Nicole Meilak
COVID-19: One death, 34 new cases registered
COVID-19: 38 new cases, 43 recoveries registered on Friday
COVID-19: 53 new cases, two new hospitalisations and one death recorded on Wednesday
Egypt, Lebanon vaccine certificates now recognised by Maltese authorities
COVID-19: 37 new cases while patient dies during last 24 hours
Elderly home residents start receiving COVID-19 booster shots
COVID-19: Two deaths, 49 new cases registered
COVID vaccine booster shots for elderly homes brought forward after two infection clusters
Paediatricians warn of long-term impact of COVID on children, call for vaccination drive
Malta’s COVID-19 vaccination rate hits 90% of eligible population
COVID-19: 53 new cases, 41 currently hospitalised
Malta donates 40,000 COVID-19 vaccines, testing kits to Libya
COVID-19: New cases drop, average age of infected is 42
COVID-19: 94 new cases, 1 death recorded
Updated COVID strategy for schools is needed, PN says
Notte Bianca and summer carnival cancelled, Valletta Cultural Agency chief vents frustration
COVID-19: Two deaths recorded on Sunday
Karl Azzopardi
COVID: 48 new cases, 120 recoveries
Karl Azzopardi