Technoline was fraudulently acquired using concession funds, court hears
Josie Muscat: 'I was not aware of any involvement by Shaukat Ali in cancer treatment machine procurement'
The writing is on the bloody wall
Saviour Balzan
Daphne Foundation calls out Police Commissioner's, Attorney General's 'indifference' to Vitals proceedings
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Vitals corruption case: Police did not see 78 boxes of evidence before filing charges
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Joseph Muscat spotted at luxurious Billionaire restaurant in Porto Cervo
Shaukat Asad Ali accused of bribing public officials, participating in organised crime
Muscat and Abela: From 'dear friends' to parallel leaders
With malice, aforethought
Michael Falzon
Joseph Muscat’s father has passed away after battle with cancer
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‘This is not a TV series’ – are you sure about that?
Cartoon: 02 June 2024
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Repubblika disappointed after court denies parte civile request in Muscat prosecution
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It’s not just about Muscat’s ‘Indian’ narrative
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Joseph Muscat pleads not guilty to corruption-related charges, freezing order imposed
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Blow-by-blow: Joseph Muscat's first day in court
Muscat refused to give Vitals inquiry investigators electronic device passwords after raid
Schembri and Shaukat Ali: ‘consultancy’ kickbacks flowed from Vitals-Steward PPP
‘No proof against me’ – Joseph Muscat in Facebook video slams Vitals inquiry
[WATCH] Repubblika will take legal action if Vitals inquiry's order for further investigations is not enforced
Stop fucking defending Joseph Muscat
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Vitals inquiry: Grand Theft Malta
Matthew Farrugia
Cartoon: 26 May 2024
Updated | Grech condemns 'ridiculous' Prime Minister as Abela fails to show up for radio debate
Court denies Repubblika interested party status in Vitals criminal charges
NGOs want PM to halt Qajjenza bid to turn public land into private profit
GWU denies press reports of industrial action inside law courts
Muscat consultancies netted him €450,000 after 2020
Why is it so ‘vital’ to publish the inquiry immediately?
Muscat supporters to hold ‘solidarity’ march on day he is criminally charged
Court orders Pilatus Bank inquiry be exhibited in Muscat's libel case against Daphne Caruana Galizia