Playing the underdog card
Frank Psaila
Book to mark Joseph Muscat's 10 years at Labour's helm
Prime Minister: Respect institutions always, even when you don't agree with them
Prime Minister: Police officers doing their duty deserve constant respect
Malta’s political identity crisis
[ANALYSIS] Deciphering Joseph Muscat’s ‘cosmopolitanism’
[WATCH] Prime Minister: let's wait and see regarding Italy’s next government and migration
[WATCH] Labour Party will always remain the underdog, Muscat says
On unity, take Muscat with a pinch of salt
The psychology behind mass behaviour
The days of inheriting social housing are over, Muscat says
Joseph Muscat, Hermann Schiavone condemn ‘harassment’ against Julia Farrugia Portelli
Embryo freezing was accepted as a principle in 2012, Joseph Muscat insists
[WATCH] We asked Joseph Muscat why he ignored 17 Black evidence at Workers' Day mass meeting
[WATCH] We asked Labour supporters about the corruption allegations against the Muscat administration
Prime Minister emphasises government drive for change, importance of new IVF law
Out with the truth, and with the lies
Silence is golden for Joseph Muscat and Keith Schembri
‘Eerie silence’ is not an answer
Joseph Muscat refusing to sack corrupt criminals from cabinet, Fenech Adami says

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