Man pleads guilty to spitting in police sergeant's face
‘Mussolini’ fracas: Brussels court gives MP’s brother conditional discharge
Man charged with supplying bomb in Daphne Caruana Galizia murder denied bail
Court throws out Alfie Rizzo murderer's illegal arrest claim
Libyan teens, jailed for using false passports, granted bail pending appeal
Magistrate abstains from hearing money laundering case
Fenech chats show flight risk, police say in bail refusal case
Judge says risk of prejudice to ongoing Caruana Galizia investigation outweighs Yorgen Fenech's right to bail
Money laundering case: Debono defence questions enforceability of US sanctions
Eight years’ jail for man who repeatedly raped partner’s 14-year-old daughter
Gaffarena loses Old Mint Street appeal, court orders rescission of expropriation
Court to consider lawyer Anna Mallia’s challenge against four judges
Drugs case that sparked inquiry on ministers will be heard again
Courts publish ‘right to be forgotten’ guidelines despite mounting opposition from press
Schools building agency ordered to pay €22,000 to employee dismissed over sick leave
Construction company loses case against de-registration over tax issues
Iklin shooting: ‘I did it. I fired the shots’, accused told police
Beppe Fenech Adami on anonymous threats: 'It felt like I was being followed'
Maksar compilation: Police inspectors questioned on vehicles belonging to Robert Agius
Shambolic Yorgen Fenech money laundering case continues
Fugitive that led police on six-hour manhunt, charged with attempted murder
Judge throws out George Degiorgio 'frame up' allegation
Joseph Muscat’s libel case dismissed after no-show
Treatment order for St Paul’s Bay man jailed over child porn
Woman cleared of robbing massage client after victim refuses to testify
Court dismisses Yorgen Fenech case over police statements he gave in hope of Presidential pardon
Libya fuel smuggling: ‘Dirty money remains problem for Malta’ – sanctions board
Jason Azzopardi recounts seven-year onslaught of anonymous poison-pen letters sent to him, partner
No bail for man accused of harassing his ex-partner, who lives next door
Man accused of running over ex-girlfriend's new partner
Man accused of punching one police officer whilst on bail for biting another
Man accused over San Ġwann fight gets bail after injured party testifies
WSC ordered to pay company €31,500 in damages for mains leak
Homeless men admit to thefts, return stolen items
Valletta man charged with sending anonymous threatening letters to Opposition figures, NGO head
Man to be indicted for attempted murder in Marsa garage, after victim testifies
Zenith directors claim they are being tried twice for same offence
Woman, arrested at airport with two kilos of cocaine, pleads not guilty to drug trafficking
Degiorgio gang was targeting head of police drugs squad
Shop owner fined €3,000 over Facebook threat to Repubblika's Robert Aquilina