Hunger drove man to steal €29 worth of goods from supermarket, court told
Homeless food thief stole to survive, lawyer tells court
Health supplement shoplifter fined, placed on probation and ordered to pay for stolen items
Man imprisoned over Valletta electronics store theft
Man jailed for 11 months after stealing two mobile phones while drunk
Woman denies charges of Supermarket handbag theft
Inveterate thief caught red handed again
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Man admits to stealing car, described in court as a 'social case'
Man accused of using stolen cab after stealing cash from confectionery
Pair jailed over ‘bestial’ mugging that broke elderly woman’s arm in three places
Bail not requested as man charged with thefts from parked cars pleads not guilty
Man charged with attempted theft, claims victims used excessive force during ‘citizen's arrest’
Police catch five trying to steal from Marsa warehouse
Man placed under supervision order after admitting to string of thefts
Church collection box thief in court again, accused of stealing car
Man charged over thefts of e-scooters
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Homeless man handed suspended sentence after stealing money from church collection box
Man arrested after injuring police man and allegedly stealing several items
Unemployed man admits to robbing woman of €700 in Valletta
Thief admits to stealing tourist's purse at St Paul's Bay
Msida man admits to stealing from charity collection boxes
Man arrested over string of thefts from church donation boxes
Lawyer invites prosecution to spend a week in prison, after client's bail refusal
Architect admits to theft charges
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Jewellery thief jailed over 2010 burglary
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Man awaiting trial for murder granted bail over Gozo beach thefts
Man charged with string of thefts spanning five months
Two charged with robbing cab company drivers in Gozo
Criminal court grants bail to man charged over recent thefts from chapels
Man bled to death after smashing café glass door in failed theft
Woman charged over string of thefts from supermarkets
Construction worker admits to stealing tools from four building sites
19-year-old sentenced to two and a half years in prison for attempted theft and damage of property
Woman admits to stealing from Valletta jeweller while on probation
Fatal mugging of elderly woman: Accused tells judge she was only accompanying her boyfriend
Two granted bail after stealing copper from Casino di Venezia site
Man jailed after admitting to thefts from parked cars
Pair deny stealing €10,000 worth of toys from warehouse
Two arrested for string of home thefts
Court & Police
Nicole Meilak
Two handed probation, treatment orders after admitting to string of thefts from cars