[WATCH] Quiche Rita with gbejniet and guanciale
[WATCH] Gbejna soufflé with crispy Maltese sausage
[WATCH] Ravioli stuffed with gbejniet in saffron butter and borage flowers
[WATCH] Smoked gbejna and pear salad
Rachel Zammit Cutajar
Chicken or duck liver pâté
Fresh ravioli with broad beans and pecorino
[WATCH] Baked Portobello mushrooms with garlic pancetta
[WATCH] Deep-fried mushroom croquettes with Pecorino and white truffle mayo
[WATCH] Poached eggs on fried mushrooms on brioche toast
[WATCH] Mushroom carpaccio with borage flowers
[WATCH] Shakshuka
Rachel Zammit Cutajar
[WATCH] Soppa tal-armla (Widow’s soup)
[WATCH] Homemade sweet chilli sauce
Rachel Zammit Cutajar
[WATCH] Deep-fried fish bites with a homemade sweet chilli dipping sauce
[WATCH] Kwarezimal
Rachel Zammit Cutajar
[WATCH] Chicken, bacon and pistachio pie in filo pastry
[WATCH] Brazilian chocolate truffles with boozy cherries
[WATCH] Beetroot and chocolate cake
Rachel Zammit Cutajar
[WATCH] Swede soup with coriander pesto
[WATCH] Braised rabbit with juniper berries and celeriac
Beef involtini on skewers
Artichoke, ricotta and almond salad
Pasta with kale, sweet potato and ricotta
Beef carpaccio
Beef carpaccio with roasted beetroots and horseradish ice cream
Braised shin of beef on pumpkin purée
[WATCH] Pork chops with artichoke gratin
[WATCH] Stewed artichokes stuffed with minced meat