Abstention increases by 10-points among PN voters
They approved Mosta trees removal and now PN councillors claim their pressure led to U-turn
Educators offered pay rise less than COLA increase, PN spokesperson claims but ministry says its a 'lie'
PN needs a narrative of hope
'Anton Refalo accused PN of bribing Judge over hospitals' deal annulment,' says Bernard Grech
'Now get the €400 million back' - PN leads Valletta protest over hospitals' deal
Grech accuses Labour Party of betraying the people in fraudulent hospitals deal
PN to hold national protest demanding €400 million back after hospitals deal is definitely annulled
PN seeks wider mandate for environment committee
PN announces eight economic proposals in 'Vision of Excellence for Malta' document
Abela's refusal for Jean Paul Sofia public inquiry is now clear, PN says
PN files motion for creation of parliamentary committee on protection of journalists
PN MP rails against 16-year-old mayors, deletes comment after realising party is in favour
Animal welfare rules need better enforcement, PN says
The gravitas of the presidency
Michael Falzon
It’s official, folks! Roberta Metsola has finally made up her mind
Roberta Metsola: Designate leader or prop?
PN knew extent of benefits fraud scandal but stayed mum to hide MPs’ involvement
Parliament to discuss board's investigation into disability benefits scheme upon conclusion
'Disability benefits scheme crafted by Labour criminals to retain power' - Bernard Grech
Benefits racket is
PN questions Prime Minister’s silence on social benefit fraud scandal
Give back responsibilities to local councils, PN proposes in wake of waste crisis
Government wasting €4 million on less efficient grain silo crane, PN claims
A clubbing destination!
Michael Falzon
Nationalist Party requests Auditor General to investigate €137 million expenditure by Malta Film Commission
Robert Abela should take measures that mitigate rising cost of living, PN states
PN reiterates call to expropriate Ħondoq as local council reaches agreement on expropriation
Grech reiterates calls for changing economic model for a better life in Malta
PN wants more diligent spending by government after national debt rises to €9.2 billion
Giglio representing RHIB suppliers as TM comes under fire from PN
'Maltese have had enough and are leaving, the country need a safe pair of hands' – Bernard Grech
Updated | PN says Transport Malta RHIBS are still unusable after €1.2 million repairs
PN says energy distribution should be liberalised
Government admitting power cuts are caused by high demand, PN says
MaltaToday survey: PN ahead for first time in 15 years
PN calls for Attorney General's resignation after passing information to government
PN proposes compensation for people affected by power cuts
PN wants standards investigation into how Abela, Attard knew of Sofia magisterial inquiry extension
Bernard Grech makes last-ditch effort before vote on inquiry into Sofia death