PN: Prime Minister must act now and remove Justyne Caruana immediately
Caruana unfit for public life, must be removed from minister, PN says
PN requests urgent Petitions Committee meeting on cannabis legislation
PN warns Electrogas contract jeopardises EU gas pipeline funds
Alessandro Farrugia resigns from PN communications director
'PN never shied away from negative surveys' - Bernard Grech
No security of tenure for State Advocate under current setup - Jason Azzopardi
PN wants repeal of powers to courts director to erase public judgements
PN says Standards Committee chair should be elected by two-thirds House majority
PN calls for government intervention after 40 pig farms close down in four years
Roselyn Borg Knight withdraws PN candidacy
Bernard Grech says Abela is 'incompetent or lying' when claiming ignorance on Steward penalty clause
Speaker betraying constitutional role, PN says as it condemns letter to Matthew Caruana Galizia
PN government will revise public sector salary scales, strengthen family-friendly measures
PN MPs told to deflect questions on whether cannabis reform will be repealed if in power
Grech brands Labour’s cannabis bill ‘alienation’ from issues that matter
[WATCH] PN won’t say if it would repeal cannabis law if in government
PN will file motion against ‘immoral’ tax amnesty legal notice
PN against tax amnesty that ‘awards abuse’
Grech won’t support cannabis bill that is all about legalisation, and not decriminalisation
PN: Road floods result of government 'failings'
[WATCH] Grech says PN government will not fork out one cent to revoke ‘illegal, corrupt Steward deal’
NAO report confirms families are being robbed through utility bills - PN
PN pledges to sponsor a charging pillar for every 50 parking spots in private car parks
PN says sexual health policy needs urgent revision
PM shouldn’t tease public on election date – Bernard Grech
Malta needs lucrative jobs that attract youths, PN says
PN against abortion but wants ‘immediate’ parliamentary debate, promises free contraception
Clyde Caruana calls out Opposition for not costing its proposals
'Irresponsible' Abela putting aside national interest as he toys with election date, Bernard Grech says
Chamber welcomes 'positive' PN budget proposals, concerned over VAT threshold increase
Reputation was never an issue under the PN, Kristy Debono says
PN file parliamentary motion demanding Konrad Mizzi appear in front of the Public Accounts Committee
Bernard’s Sisyphean predicament: the PN leader’s predicament
Which battles should the PN fight?
PN not against energy hedging but against wrong agreements - Ryan Callus
Enemalta appointment is a continuation of Joseph Muscat legacy, PN says
PN says Caruana has no plan to get Malta off FATF greylist
Debt growing to sustain public spending, says Opposition leader
Government ignoring cost of living increase and the most vulnerable, PN says