PN asks standards czar to investigate Aaron Farrugia's appointment after removal from cabinet
PN MPs gather in front of Labour HQ, demand resignations after Sofia inquiry
PBS fined €930 for uneven media coverage between Grech and Abela
PN ignored five letters from Electoral Commission asking it to publish accounts
PN repeats call for political resignations after Jean Paul Sofia public inquiry
Grech calls for political responsibility to be shouldered after Jean Paul Sofia inquiry findings
PN approves its youngest candidate for local council election
The PN is missing out
Michael Falzon
For every PN comment, PBS broadcasts 13 PL comments, statistic shared by Opposition shows
Is ChatGPT a Labourite or a Nationalist?
[WATCH] Eve Borg Bonello: ‘If people want and elect them, 16-year-olds should be mayors’
PN says Abela is a hypocrite following comments on defence spending
[WATCH] Graham Bencini: ‘PN still has a long road to convince people, but we believe’
The PN Punch-and-Judy show
Mark Said
PN calls for police investigation after countless Transport Malta scandals
Grech says that government is afraid to solve the problems it created
'Full truth' about Transport Malta corruption yet to be revealed, PN says after CEO's apparent removal
PN says Transport Malta employees were told to lie under oath
PN leader, officials give well-wishes to 90-year-old Eddie Fenech Adami
Video of Animal Welfare officers rescuing shot dog shows a sector in crisis - PN
Bernard calling Planet Franco
James Debono
PN condemns Abela's 'dangerous' comments on the judiciary
‘Manuel Delia is not the PN’, Nationalist MP Alex Borg says in Facebook missive
Grech lambasts government's proposed drug reform
Franco Debono makes surprise studio visit to confront radio show guest over comments
PN questions appointments to new national airline
[WATCH] Government trying to violate separation of powers, PN claims in case for return of Vitals millions
PN yet to file Rosianne Cutajar parliamentary Motion Bernard Grech announced in November
Robert Abela, Bernard Grech in court as government intervenes in PN-filed Vitals case
Updated | Government requests intervention in PN-filed court case to return €400 million from Steward
Looking forward 2024: Bernard Grech’s do-or-die appointment in June’s MEP elections
PN will continue working for strategic plan for Malta in 2024, Grech says
Looking Back 2023: Dissecting the PN's inability to convince
Looking Back 2023: After the feelgood era, costly U-turns
PN opens case against State Advocate over inaction on fraudulent hospitals deal
[WATCH] Parliamentary group in agreement over Rosianne Cutajar motion, Grech insists
If the PN reinvented itself in the 1970s… why can’t it do the same today?
MaltaToday December survey out on Sunday
Data & Surveys
Matthew Farrugia
PN to file motion demanding Rosianne Cutajar returns money received from phantom ITS job
Abstention increases by 10-points among PN voters