Joe Giglio claims Iosif Galea allowed to travel out of Malta whilst on police bail
PN will keep its radio and TV stations after all
PN wants continuation of PAC investigation into Electrogas deal
Continue subsidies for hybrid cars, PN tells government
Grech says PN councillors have called for more internal ‘discipline’ ahead of leadership race
Former Grech aide Ray Bezzina denies sabotage claims, seeks internal investigation
PN’s one-horse leadership race sees Bernard Grech submit nomination
Mayor refuses to name ‘fat cat’ and unelected official for PN investigation
Finally, Gonzi’s ‘new way of doing politics’ gets a chance…
The PN’s financial woes – 2
Michael Falzon
[WATCH] PN non-committal on revisiting Electrogas audit in PAC
PN proposes weekly prime minister’s question time like UK parliament
[WATCH] Prime Minister says he's sceptical of state funding of political parties
[WATCH] Grech: ‘Jason Azzopardi never raised pardon for donation allegations with me’
Opposition financially disadvantaged by Labour’s power of incumbency, Grech laments
The PN’s financial woes
Michael Falzon
Grech gives Azzopardi 24 hours to substantiate ‘pardon donation’ claim
PN holding administrative council meeting on Jason Azzopardi's allegations
Umbraged Azzopardi hits back at Grech comment on political ‘expiry date’
Bernard Grech uncontested in PN leadership race
Bernard Grech files declaration of interest to contest PN leadership
PN yet to decide on Anglu Farrugia Speaker nomination
Former PN media head says party must enter forced administration
PN piggybacks on Joseph Muscat to lambast government over ‘lack of economic vision’
PN executive committee unanimously agrees on leadership election procedure
How does Bernard Grech’s shadow cabinet compare to Abela’s team of Ministers?
PN leadership race kicks off on Sunday with general council
PN advances manure use to mitigate rising fertiliser costs for farmers
Chris Said and the toxic link to the Gonzi years
Bernard Grech chooses shadow cabinet in major shakeup
The PN paradox: Renewal under a beaten leader
Robert Cutajar appointed PN parliamentary group secretary instead of Karol Aquilina
Jason Azzopardi bows out of PN: ‘You will start to understand why I was an uncomfortable presence for many’
Clyde Puli questions PN’s exclusion strategy that delivered new faces but not new votes
Robert Arrigo will not seek second term as PN deputy leader
PN awaits casual elections before leadership race timeline
Former Nationalist MP calls for new liberal democratic movement
Promise kept: PN costs its manifesto proposals at €6 billion
PN files warrant of prohibitory injunction over Electoral Commission’s refusal to cancel prison voting
PN wants more autonomy for Gozo
Election 2022
Kurt Sansone