PN wants Gozitans to decide on tunnel
Karl Azzopardi
The polls show the PN needs vision
Saviour Balzan
PN: Gozitan cancer patients should not be forced to make crossing to receive care
Survey results show Nationalist Party is constantly improving, Bernard Grech says
[WATCH] Satabank owner sues MP Jason Azzopardi in Bulgarian court over speech in House
PN wants more public spaces but appeals for respect towards private property
PN’s outreach campaign urges people to ‘be the change’
Edward Scicluna not fit for purpose after Pilatus Bank findings - PN
PN promises compensation for all injustices suffered, sets up grievances board
Bernard Grech's 'green' pledge: PN will not reverse 2006 development zones
PN: Government dragging feet a month after Caruana Galizia public inquiry
PN condemns Labour Party media after attempt to expose confidential prison source
Owning an electric car is and will remain expensive despite government strategy, PN says
Bernard Grech denies having prior access to Caruana Galizia public inquiry findings
Lower target for carbon reduction is government's 'certificate of failure', PN says
PN critical of Home Affairs Minister's abject silence 48 hours after prison inmate's death
[WATCH] Minister, prison director responsible for inmates leaving CCF in coffins - PN
PN urges government to seek EU assistance over expected influx of Afghan refugees
No Marsascala marina before proper impact assessments and consultation, PN says
Updated COVID strategy for schools is needed, PN says
PN to oversee Caruana Galizia public inquiry reforms with ‘Never Again’ committee
Abide by the inquiry recommendations and expel Zammit Lewis insists PN
‘Grazzi Ġaħan’: PN’s new billboards target justice minister’s chat with Yorgen Fenech
Michael Piccinino appointed Nationalist Party general secretary
Take action on Electrogas, PN tells Police Commissioner
PN: Community Chest Fund's fight for crypto donation highlights 'incompetent' government
PN is ‘modern choice’ for middle-of-the-road voters, Bernard Grech says
PN is ‘modern choice’ for middle-of-the-road voters, Bernard Grech says
Court reprimands Delia loyalist over altercation with Jason Azzopardi
Lovin Malta founder to become Nationalist Party’s chief strategist
PN: Opening to vaccinated tourists only ‘extreme’ and ‘discriminatory’
Nationalist MPs insist Rosianne Cutajar must be removed from Labour parliamentary group
PN expects government MPs to adopt Hyzler report on Cutajar
PN to hold General Council between 10 and 17 July
FATF greylisting ‘a punishment for the whole country’ - Bernard Grech
PN drags feet on cannabis reform
Karl Azzopardi
PN wants Gozitans to decide in referendum on tunnel project
PN will close down Mount Carmel as part of mental health reform strategy
‘Carmelo Abela compromised, he must step down’, says David Thake
Grech takes a leaf from the Muscat playbook: will the PN’s utilities campaign be as effective?