PN not convinced Robert Abela won't make post-election u-turn on Marsaskala yacht marina
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PN pledges grants, tax exemption for parents of children participating in sports, art activities
PN eyes the metaverse in €1 billion pledge to create new economic sectors
PN will create 10 new economic sectors in €1 billion spend
‘We’re still the underdogs, but we will convince the people’ - Bernard Grech gets ready for election
PN pledges pension for members of disciplined forces who continue working after 25 years
PN accuses government of shifting greylisting burden onto businesses and consumers
PN: ‘Government gave Steward millions, while it continued to shirk obligations’
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PN: Cheque handout a 'smokescreen' for Abela's €17,000 Planning Authority direct order
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Tables turn as PN compares Abela retainer to COLA increase
Peter Agius plays down claims his ‘spokesperson’ role was moved to backburner
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PN proposes minimum living income that guarantees fair wages
Labour majority votes against PN’s anti-corruption laws
Karl Azzopardi / Luke Vella
PN says government decision to revise energy billing systems proves its theft claims true
'You're afraid of Muscat,' Bernard Grech tells Abela
PN alleges Labour newspaper received €30,000 in government ad spend
PN’s anti-corruption omnibus Bill clears first reading, debate starts on Thursday
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First reading of Opposition’s anti-corruption Bills to take place on Monday
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PN splits anti-corruption package Bill in two to bypass money bill claims
Labour will not move PN anti-corruption bills for first reading
PN disappointed justice minister will not recognise femicide as a crime
PN says government lost all credibility on Air Malta: 'Workers are now paying the ultimate price'
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PN against Magħtab incinerator plans
Roselyn Borg Knight resigns as PN international secretary
PN slams 'reckless' government spending over €31 million rent paid for Żejtun offices
PN suggests shorter COVID quarantine following negative test, compensation for private swab tests
Clyde Puli takes a dig at education ministers' turnover: 'From a school every year to a minister every year'
Cut VAT to 7% for bars and restaurants as COVID cases rise, PN says
Education permanent secretary remains in office despite new minister, PN says
PN calls for 'serious' self-testing system to mitigate COVID-19 spread
PN calls for urgent Standards Committee meeting to discuss Justyne Caruana
PN: Abela’s indecisiveness over Caruana scandal stalling education
PN: ‘Robert Abela should immediately sack Byron Camilleri’