[WATCH] 22 migrants involved in Safi riots jailed for nine months
Appeals court fines drunk driver who escaped punishment due to police error
Johann Stellingwerf re-arrested in Bulgaria as more 'Valium Rapist' victims come forward
George Degiorgio wants judge to order secret service chief to answer on phone tap warrant
Fake bomb hold-up lands man in the dock
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Woman guilty of stabbing sister's love rival in the street
VRT tester banned for 10 years after certifying unroadworthy car
Man admits to violent robbery of 71-year-old woman, gets probation
Unlicensed motorist charged with hit and run incident on 70-year-old pedestrian
Man charged with setting Mercedes on fire in Valletta
No bail for drug addict accused of robbing shops in Gzira, Qormi and Hamrun
Jury's acquittal of men accused of smuggling 20kg cannabis upheld on appeal
Court rejects Police Commissioner's attempt to silence media over El Hiblu 1 coverage
[WATCH] Marsa migrant centre fire was started after group's demand for freedom not met, court told
Parading of migrants under arrest into court ‘institutionalised racism’, NGOs say
Man denies bursting wife's eardrum in domestic violence incident
Degiorgio phone taps were not sole avenue of investigation, investigator says
Woman 'unable to recall' drunken assault on police officer in Paceville
22 charged over Safi riots
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Caruana Galizia public inquiry: Former police commissioner says Keith Schembri denied him post with secret service
Man charged with domestic violence claims malicious police report by ex-partner
Gozo court jails man for 55 hour community work shortfall
Jail sentences for two men involved in international ATM card skimmer scam
Six persons land in prison for using counterfeit passports
Court merciful with migrant woman who used fake passport
Man gets four years for cocaine trafficking
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Pro Gambler arrested for carrying too much cash
Magistrate Nadine Lia abstains from inquiry into Melvin Theuma phantom job
Son accused of stealing father's van, cash
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Court rules convictions for aggravated cannabis possession ‘unsafe and unsatisfactory’
Court orders 'il-Pips' case over phone taps to continue
No bail for man accused of robbing Farsons outlet
Records show Melvin Theuma got government job the day Muscat called an election
Caruana Galizia family ask court to order investigation into Prime Minister
Degiorgio brothers in attempt to block middleman testimony
Middleman Melvin Theuma unlikely to testify today on request of police
PN television station fined over branding blogger Manuel Delia ‘a liar’
Engineers claim new rules risk ‘annihilating the very existence of professionals’
Prison, deportation for having false visa stamp on passport
Alleged thief on bail for stealing from collection boxes