MP who backed Delia in no-confidence vote to support Comodini Cachia as opposition leader
Delia awaits his fate as President ends marathon talks with PN MPs
PN executive member calls for disciplinary action against MPs who disavowed Delia
Comodini Cachia proposed as Opposition leader, Delia meets President
PN majority group gives Delia chance to leave, fails to say what their next step is
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PN youth section calls on Delia to step down: ‘No one is bigger than the party’
Adrian Delia’s leadership to be discussed by PN MPs
Kurt Sansone / Karl Azzopardi
Defiant PN MPs force meeting on Delia communication with Yorgen Fenech
It’s as though Covid-19 never happened at all...
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No more ‘religio et patria’, PN moots ‘at your service’ slogan
PN sets up commission to scout for potential party candidates
Delia says PN wants to help 7000 families 'forgotten' by the government
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PN executive to continue discussing party restructuring
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PN could lose seven parliamentary seats, Schiavone warns after MaltaToday survey
PN lashes out at government intransigence on fuel prices: 'We are being robbed'
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[WATCH] PM’s bickering with Fearne risks undoing health authorities’ progress in COVID-19, Delia says
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PN makes last ditch appeal to all MPs: 'Do your duty and vote against the Vitals deal'
Abela wants absolute control over new police chief, PN says
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PN wants €50 kickstarter to get food and entertainment back in business
[WAYCH] Water and electricity bills should be halved immediately, PN insists
[WATCH] PM fuelling fear and racism to split PN, Opposition leader says
[WATCH] PN calls for pension bonus, rent moratorium to alleviate COVID-19 impact on elderly
[WATCH] PN calls for pension bonus, rent moratorium to alleviate COVID-19 impact on elderly
Resist the temptation to take coronavirus lightly, Adrian Delia says
Nationalists: EU must ensure nobody is left behind in pandemic
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Government can and should do more to cushion the coronavirus blow, Opposition says