Planning Authority proposes Mosta public open space
Planning Authority assigns over €31 million to local councils for development projects
NGOs call on Planning Authority to refuse Delimara hotel permit
Quarter of appeals for refused planning permits upheld since 2013
A small victory for common sense
Authority ordered to reassess Gozo hotel extension
PA commences action to address unsightly building in Bugibba
Developers behind mysterious Tal-Wej €1.8 million sale withdraw request for soil removal
Lobbying is good for you
Michael Falzon
A reform of an abuse-prone policy that turned stables into houses is being abandoned
PA approves Villa Rosa development amid concerns on Harq Hammiem cave
‘Not more than 40’ illegal billboards, insists Planning Authority
Paceville street ‘not ideal’ for al fresco platform, tourism authority told PA
Sliema local council objects to demolition of Villa Degiorgio
PA board member owns EIA consultancy, wife now appointed chief of ERA
PA denies ‘closing an eye’ to illegal dumping in Siggiewi
Zabbar’s Blue Arena to be restored
Embassy complex to transform into four-star hotel
Pumping the environment dry
Valletta palazzo remains without a planning permit

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