PM says government will support Metsola bid for EP presidency
Abela: People want quicker shift towards economic model which improves quality of life
Déjà vu: When all else fails, blame civil servants
New definition of irony: Robert Abela complaining about ‘cushy jobs’
EU leaders to discuss bloc’s top jobs over dinner in Brussels
The people have spoken, but it’s being lost in translation
The writing is on the bloody wall
Saviour Balzan
Abela: 'People want a government that serves, not one that accommodates'
Cartoon: 16 June 2024
GWU takes umbrage at Prime Minister’s jibe at public sector employees
Benefit fraud accused Silvio Grixti in dig at Prime Minister: 'Who approves cushy jobs?’
UHM blasts Robert Abela's 'cushy job' statement toward public sector workers
Randolph de Battista clarifies intention to stay on as Labour CEO
Evarist Bartolo questions whether Abela can truly tackle long-standing issues
PN condemns Abela’s ‘intimidation’ of public sector workers over election result
What went on in Labour’s executive: ‘Everyone is to blame but himself’
Daniel Micallef steps down as PL's deputy leader for party affairs
Abela pledges to address the public's 'genuine' needs
[WATCH] Abela calls for 'dose of realism' in government's decision-making
Robert Abela on Labour’s dampened victory: ‘We hear your message’
Cartoon: 09 June 2024
[WATCH] Prime Minister Robert Abela votes in Żejtun: ‘Up to the people to decide’
Abela asks people to put their trust in him as Labour Party campaign comes to a close
Abela vs Grech: Party leaders go head-to-head in only election debate
Muscat and Abela: From 'dear friends' to parallel leaders
Prime Minister Robert Abela calls for progressive vote on June 8
With malice, aforethought
Michael Falzon
Abela: Parents with monthly wage of up to €1,000 will no longer pay income tax come next year
[WATCH] Abela refuses to say whether he is comfortable with Muscat endorsing PL candidates
Abela ignores Fearne, Muscat criminal charges as he calls for votes
Labour insiders: ‘Party sacrificing future for the present with Vitals strategy’
Luqa hangar acquired by easyJet
Matthew Farrugia
Medical equipment manufacturer to invest €60 million
[WATCH] Robert Abela won't 'silence' Rosianne Cutajar as she campaigns for Labour despite lack of apology
[WATCH] Robert Abela sees nothing wrong with justice minister's remarks on Vitals prosecutors
[WATCH] PM says European institutions will not perceive Malta negatively over hospitals inquiry
[WATCH] Abela says ‘let the institutions work’ when asked whether Vitals inquiry findings concern him
Robert Abela gets out the vote, shrugs off Vitals inquiry as 'PN's only manifesto'
Grech blasts Abela for knowing fraudulent nature of hospitals concession while doing nothing
Labour leads by 8 points and 21,500 votes
Data & Surveys
James Debono