Remove €163,000 contract for FMS chief, PN tells government
Robert Abela tenure characterised by 'indecisions and instability', PN says
‘Contact tracing failed’: PN wants regulated self-testing COVID kits
‘Robert Abela chooses to be complicit in corruption’ - PN on Vitals hospitals deal
PN believes silent majority will ditch Labour on election day
PN: Prime Minister must remove Justyne Caruana and other officials involved
Labour and Nationalist parties collect €3.3 million in 2021 televised fund raisers
[ANALYSIS] Labour landslide or wipeout? The PN’s prospects
PN files motion to repeal court director powers to delete judgements
PN will not support cannabis legalisation: ‘law will normalise drug abuse’
PN vows to reopen all police stations and fund CCTV in locality playgrounds
PN accuses Labour Party, Robert Abela of being in cahoots with Konrad Mizzi
PN pledges to extend electric vehicle grant to second-hand cars
Reputation was never an issue under the PN, Kristy Debono says
Nationalist Party slams government for accepting OECD tax pact without consultation
Corinthia to pay €10.3 million for residential dwellings in Ħal Ferħ project
A weird PN proposal
Michael Falzon
Free medicines for patients: PN makes 13 pledges for better cancer care
[WATCH] Bernard Grech proposes doubling VAT-exempt threshold to €60,000
PN seeks Brussels clearance for €40 million state fund to help importers
PN open to COLA revision and living wage framework
PN wants criminal investigation on Labour links to Yorgen Fenech promo deal
PN says 24 companies have relinquished their licences over Malta greylisting
[WATCH] Companies no longer want to be associated with Malta, Peter Agius warns
Nationalist Party sets its eyes on climate change conference
PN calls for government investigation into Turkish mothers case
Nationalist Party, Repubblika target PBS for stifling journalism following TV presenter's resignation
PN to table motion of no confidence against Edward Zammit Lewis on Monday
PN backs former leader as daggers come out: ‘no equivalence between Delia and Muscat’
The PN’s search for a knight in shining armour
PN mum on Chris Peregin’s wage as party employees raise concerns
PN submits private members bill recognising Holocaust Remembrance Day
More testing needed at borders, PN's COVID Action Team says
PN to hold General Council between 10 and 17 July
Poor polling results show that PN is failing to convince voters, Bernard Grech says
PN reverses decision to withdraw from Lands Authority board, nominates Kristy Debono
[WATCH] Bernard Grech: PN government will refund €50 million stolen by government through utility bills
PN starts campaign for refund on utility bills overcharge
'I feel disconnected from the party' - Nationalist Party loses election candidate
Labour leads by 39,000 votes as PN tumbles
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