Man charged with assaulting PN supporter at Ħamrun feast
Nationalist Party calls protest against benefits fraud scandal
Nationalist Party takes Broadcasting Authority and PBS to court over alleged constitutional violations
PN suggests film rebate scheme should be capped to prevent ‘extravagant spending’
PN wants auditor general to investigate film commission’s 40% cash rebate scheme
We all get so much more work done when the boss is on holiday, right?
Electric fleet places huge demand on Maltese grid – PN candidate
PN shuts Ħamrun każin that snubbed party leader
PN: Local councils facing ‘uncontrollable’ rubbish problem
Labour in denial, Nationalists proposing new problems on electricity, ADPD says
Country lost €200 million from power cuts, Nationalist Party says
PN: New TVM head of news should be chosen through public call
[WATCH] MaltaToday’s survey results analysed
James Debono / Kurt Sansone
Bernard Grech wants emergency parliament sitting to discuss nationwide power outages
Nationalist Party proposes restructuring of Skola Sajf
PN accuses Speaker of ‘incorrect and biased’ behaviour during parliamentary sitting
PN accuses Speaker of ‘incorrect and biased’ behaviour during parliamentary sitting
NGOs are not our adversaries, Opposition leader says
PN parliamentary group holds urgent meeting hours before protest
Grech proposes government to absorb COLA increases as a measure to curb inflation
Bernard Grech stands by claim Police Commissioner ordered arrest of Jean Paul Sofia’s friend
Nationalist Party to hold Workers' Day mass protest, says Labour abandoned workers
PN meets with barklori as new jetty threatens traditional water taxi operators
Police detention law change delayed after parliamentary mix-up
PN collects €356,187 in fund-raising marathon
Steward stuns Labour and  Abela in worst polls ever
PN tables motion calling on parliament to condemn hospitals concession
PN slams public broadcaster’s lack of impartiality in news reports
Domestic violence inquiry findings confirm shortcomings State was aware of – PN
Appeals court increases damages awarded to PN over breach of rights by PBS and BA
Look at the surveys, PN’s former communications chief tells party
Senior MPs stop ‘anti-Grech’ petition but want Metsola in 2027
Security on the agenda for PN, PL during Sunday activities
Bernard Grech quizzed by PN heavyweights over ‘weak leadership’
Peppi Azzopardi criticises government's stance on abortion, highlights double standards
Veteran PN MPs roped back into Bernard Grech’s shadow cabinet
Opposition leader proposed three other candidates for standards commissioner post
PN says Abela choosing to ignore corruption after Brussels comments
PN insists on backdating utility bill refunds to 2014, but Labour MPs vote no
PN communications director hands in resignation