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Government will be admitted to PN case against State Advocate over hospitals deal
Labour starts European election race 15,000 votes ahead of PN
'Labour party is hijacked,' Grech says as he campaigns in Gozo
Labour MEP candidates file judicial protest calling on the PN to file its accounts
Health sector in near-state of emergency, Nationalist Party says
Bernard Grech’s reactive reshuffle
James Debono
PN reshuffle: Official shadow cabinet released
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Looking forward 2024: Bernard Grech’s do-or-die appointment in June’s MEP elections
Plaque in memory of man who carried bomb out of St Julian’s PN każin
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Furore among PN MPs as Rosianne Cutajar motion reveals inconvenient truth
State officials deny power to intervene in hospitals deal, State Advocate cites government instructions
PN wants Justice Minister's resignation amidst warnings of ‘court system collapse’
PN supports bill allowing 16-year-old mayors but points out legal anomalies
Grech accuses Labour Party of betraying the people in fraudulent hospitals deal
Minister did not misguide parliament on AUM report, Speaker rules
Updated | PN wants Speaker to investigate Education Minister’s non-answer to parliamentary question
PN ahead with 5,000 votes as anger sinks Labour
Nationalist Party accuses Andy Ellul of abusing public funds in Facebook advert
PN tells government to withdraw three draft media reform Bills and publish White Paper
Man charged with assaulting PN supporter at Ħamrun feast
Nationalist Party calls protest against benefits fraud scandal
Nationalist Party takes Broadcasting Authority and PBS to court over alleged constitutional violations
PN suggests film rebate scheme should be capped to prevent ‘extravagant spending’
PN wants auditor general to investigate film commission’s 40% cash rebate scheme
We all get so much more work done when the boss is on holiday, right?
Electric fleet places huge demand on Maltese grid – PN candidate
PN shuts Ħamrun każin that snubbed party leader
PN: Local councils facing ‘uncontrollable’ rubbish problem
Labour in denial, Nationalists proposing new problems on electricity, ADPD says
Country lost €200 million from power cuts, Nationalist Party says
PN: New TVM head of news should be chosen through public call
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James Debono / Kurt Sansone
Bernard Grech wants emergency parliament sitting to discuss nationwide power outages
Nationalist Party proposes restructuring of Skola Sajf
PN accuses Speaker of ‘incorrect and biased’ behaviour during parliamentary sitting
PN accuses Speaker of ‘incorrect and biased’ behaviour during parliamentary sitting