Monique Dimech Genuis: 'Life is too short; do anything you want to do and don’t have any regrets'
Peter Seychell: 'It’s useless worrying over stuff you have no control over'
​Marceline Galea: 'People may or may not remember what you were wearing, but they will definitely remember how you treated them'
Jayne Giordanella: 'Best advice I've ever received? Don’t be complacent'
Toni Attard: 'Be kind to yourself. You’re doing your best and that’s enough'
Christian Bartolo Burlo: 'One thing I wished I knew when I was younger? That everything will be okay in the end'
Joyce Camilleri: 'Everyone is replaceable in the workplace; quality is another story'
Alex Bezzina: 'Keep your feet on the ground, always aim to master your craft'
Dan Ganado: 'Being there for my loved ones when they needed it most'
​Maria Daniela Camilleri: 'If you put your mind to it, everything can be achieved'
Lisa Baldacchino: 'Nothing is impossible'
Henry Falzon: 'Life is intrinsically unfair, learn to live with that and make the best of it'
Victor Jacono: 'Never take important decisions when emotions are high, especially when angry'
Dorian Mallia: 'Practice makes permanent, not perfect!'
Nicole Sciberras: 'Keep persevering and working hard to achieve what you want'
Trevor Diacono: 'The best advice I’ve received is to stay true to my artistic vision and not be swayed by external expectations'
Kelly Peplow: 'Who’s my inspiration? Anyone brave enough to go after their dreams'
Jason Scerri: 'I never leave the house without perfume – I would feel naked without it!'
Daniel Borg: 'Complex things are made from simple ones'
Mark Camilleri: 'Nobody can make you happy until you are happy with yourself'
Cathy Lawlor: 'To proactively take control of the things you can and let go of the things outside of your control'
Justine Bezzina: 'Always be humble and happy with what you have'
Karl Schembri: ‘Do your utmost to be the best version of yourself, any time and everyday’
Matt Thompson: 'Seize the day as things can change in an instant'
Denise Mulholland: 'Best advice I've ever received? You make your own sandwiches'
Sarah Maria Scicluna: 'Everything is temporary, everything passes'
Martine Cutajar: 'My biggest challenge has definitely been building my confidence and believing that I am not inferior to others'
Colin Attard: 'Who's my inspiration? Artistically speaking, it is my uncle, the late Mro Joseph Vella'