Joseph Agius: ‘If I wasn’t a ceramist, I would have liked to be a farmer’
Clint Calleja: ‘My grandfather used to constantly tell me not to waste time’
Drakard: 'Get out of your comfort zone, get ready to make sacrifices and do whatever it takes'
Olivia Lilith: ‘Cherish the child inside your heart as we grow up way too fast’
Yandrick Agius: 'I think it’s that everything passes and equally is that what is meant for you won’t pass you by'
Marco Calleja: 'So much on my bucket list, however I’d definitely want to paraglide'
Nicholas Jackman: 'Sometimes doing the wrong thing is the right thing'
Martina Fenech: ‘Do whatever makes you happy even if it doesn’t look normal to others’
Cassandra Spiteri: ‘Do the things you love to live a happy life’
Gattaldo: ‘Never judge a book by its cover. Cliché, but we all need to fight our own innate prejudices’
Charlotte Formosa: ‘What you see in others is already within you’
Ishmael Grech: ‘Play me in a film? Ed Sheeran. We’re both ginger performers’
Pia Zammit: ‘Best advice I ever received? Leave the world a little better than you found it’
Darren Tanti: ‘My greatest achievement is representing Malta in the Venice Biennale’
Raphael Pace: ‘Biggest challenge? Leaving London behind when Miss Corona hit and moving back home’
José Cura: ‘Silence. The best and most neglected music’
Daniela Attard: ‘Take risks in your 20s. It’s also ok to change career paths in life at any age’
Sarah Naudi: ‘Life’s a series of ups and downs, but we get to choose who comes along for the ride’
Luke Galea: ‘Life after a PhD taught me that there’s a lot of uncertainty, which I wasn’t ready to face’
Maxime Durant: ‘You can have hundreds of lives, cats are amateurs’
Josette Ciappara: 'My greatest achievement? Overcoming my greatest health challenge with grace'
Nicole Sciberras Debono: ‘Who would I most like to meet? My past and future self'
Charlotte Carpentier: ‘My most treasured possession? All the birthday cards on my fridge’
Marco Mencoboni: ‘My earliest memory? My mother chasing after me for food’
Sarah Calleja: ‘Keep working towards your goal patiently’
Nicky Conti: ‘I was so taken by William Klein’s abstract work that I wept’
Irene Chias: ‘Take care of yourself. Nobody will do it for you’
Maria Christina: ‘My most treasured possession? My car. I love driving’