COVID-19: 16 new cases and 13 recoveries
Healthcare workers, teachers to receive booster jabs from mid-November
COVID-19: 13 new cases and 21 recoveries
COVID-19: Four patients receiving treatment in ITU
COVID-19: Six new cases, three patients in ITU
COVID-19: One death, four patients in ITU and 10 new cases registered
COVID-19: Four patients in ITU, 17 new cases registered
COVID-19: Three patients in ITU, 20 new cases registered
COVID-19: Two patients in ITU, 22 new cases registered
COVID-19: 11 new infections, over 30,000 vaccine booster doses administered
COVID: 10 new cases registered on Sunday
COVID-19: 8 new infections, one patient in ITU
COVID-19: Children no longer required to take PCR tests; no clusters in schools
COVID-19: One patient in ITU, 19 new infections registered
COVID-19: 18 new infections, no patients in ITU
COVID-19: Malta to send 135,000 AstraZeneca vaccines to Rwanda
COVID-19: 17 new infections, and seven recoveries
COVID-19: 11 new infections and 22 recoveries
COVID-19: 24 new cases registered, one in ITU
COVID-19: 16 new cases, 35 recoveries registered
Children ate more fruit but exercised less during COVID lockdown
COVID-19: 24 new cases, one patient in ITU
Conspiracy nation? One in three think governments produce viruses to control people
COVID-19: 10 new cases, 30 recoveries registered on Sunday
COVID-19: 35-year-old woman passes away, 24 new cases registered
COVID-19: One death registered, no patients in ITU
Malta back on EU travel green list: Chris Fearne welcomes news
COVID-19: 22 new infections, 10,000 vaccine booster doses administered
Hospitality lobby wants drastic or complete removal of COVID-19 protocols
COVID-19: Two patients in ITU, 11 cases registered on Wednesday
[WATCH] Back to school: parents, students and teachers tell us what they think
Influenza vaccinations to start on 25 October
COVID-19: Bars, restaurants that only allow entry to fully vaccinated will benefit from less restrictions
COVID-19: 16 new infections registered, hospitalisations drop to 13
COVID-19: 13 new infections registered, over 70s start receiving booster shots
COVID-19: 18 patients in hospital, four in ITU
COVID-19: 16 new cases, 44 new recoveries registered
COVID-19: 94-year-old woman dies, active cases drop to below 500
Malta now accepting COVID vaccine certificates of Kuwait and Singapore
Fake vaccine certificates for €150 found on Malta black market