European regulator finds link between Janssen COVID vaccine and 'very rare' blood clots
New COVID-19 cases drop to 13, lowest daily figure since summer
COVID-19: 60 new cases and 41 recoveries
COVID-19: 39 new cases, no deaths registered on Sunday
COVID-19: Four deaths and 67 new cases
Small operators in tourist accommodation to receive €1.5 million for marketing campaigns
Pandemic sees migration spike in the Mediterranean but numbers plummet elsewhere
[WATCH] COVID-19 briefing: Two deaths and 27 new cases
[WATCH] MFA targeting financial crime in football with reform for top clubs
COVID closed one in five restaurants, ‘owners suffering from mental health issues’
COVID-19: 55 new cases and 45 recoveries
COVID-19: 58 new cases and 41 recoveries
Johnson & Johnson suspends delivery of COVID vaccine to EU over rare blood clots
COVID-19: 59 new cases, one death
Kurt Sansone
Authorities issue 1,261 fines for breach of COVID-19 regulation
COVID-19: 47 new cases as vaccinations hit quarter of a million doses
COVID-19: 66 new cases, no deaths registered
COVID-19: 37 new cases and 49 recoveries
[WATCH] Vaccination rollout ahead of schedule, over-50s asked to register for jab
Two blood clotting incidents unrelated to COVID-19 vaccination, Charmaine Gauci says
[WATCH] COVID-19 briefing: 48 new cases and 53 recoveries
Perspex barriers to come down in elderly homes but hugs and kisses will remain off limits
Airport chief calls for Malta COVID app to facilitate tourist travel in summer
[WATCH] Video shows party held in villa in breach of COVID regulations
COVID-19: One death and 55 new cases
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SME chamber slams government for ‘complete disregard of social partners’
EMA stops short of imposing age restriction on AstraZeneca COVID vaccine despite thrombosis risk
MHRA welcomes gradual lifting of COVID restrictions, expects clear direction for restaurants
Teachers' union says it is still in talks with Education Ministry over reopening of schools
COVID-19: 65 new cases as Malta reaches 400 death mark
No cases of blood clotting reported in Malta from AstraZeneca vaccine, Chris Fearne says
[WATCH] Prime Minister unveils plan to lift COVID-19 measures • Staggered reopening for schools
Unfair discrimination on access to medicines
UK regulator considering change in advice on AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine for young people
COVID-19: 64 new cases and 67 recoveries
COVID-19: Malta is fast to vaccinate elderly, but rest of Europe lags behind
Doctors say random swabbing of flight arrivals presents ‘significant risk’ to public
Coronavirus: 1,880 people fined for breaching regulation over past week
40% of adults in Malta have received first COVID-19 vaccine dose
COVID-19: One death and 56 new cases
Laura Calleja