Woman says COVID vaccine jab left her arm permanently disabled
COVID-19 no longer a public health emergency – WHO
€10,000 fine for COVID quarantine breach is null, judge rules
Malta to require negative COVID-19 test for travellers from China
[WATCH] COVID Omicron and influenza vaccines to be administered on annual basis
Pandemic cost: Government spent €1.7 billion to mitigate impact of COVID-19
‘Not business as usual’ nurses say over rising wave of COVID cases at Mater Dei
61% of Maltese believe taking COVID vaccine still a civic duty
Childcare centres refuse visits by government officials in protest over COVID-19 restrictions
COVID-19: One death, 119 new cases
Nicole Meilak
Sacks of COVID waste dumped in Lija valley
Masks in court will still be mandatory, temperature checks to be removed
Churches to remove anti-COVID measures
COVID-19: Four die as 178 new cases are registered
Chamber wants Malta to ditch ‘draconian’ quarantine for COVID dark-red list
COVID-19: Five people die, 312 new cases registered
COVID-19: Two die as 297 new cases are registered
EU strategy on COVID helped Malta fight health crisis
COVID-19: 282 new cases registered on Tuesday
Sebastian Vassallo
COVID-19: Two die as 199 new cases are registered
Easter Sunday celebrations return to post-COVID Malta
COVID-19: One death, 314 new cases registered
372 new COVID-19 cases, one patient dies
Maltese towns to celebrate Good Friday with first processions after COVID-19
431 new COVID-19 cases, two deaths recorded
COVID-19: Two deaths, 408 new cases registered on Wednesday
COVID-19: Three deaths, 438 new cases registered on Tuesday
Do not remove mandatory use of face masks, Church schools tell government
COVID: Two die, 433 new cases registered
Sebastian Vassallo
14 countries connected to MIA lift all COVID travel restrictions
COVID: 542 new cases, three deaths registered on Sunday
Three die whilst COVID-19 positive, 563 new cases registered
COVID: 659 new cases, two deaths registered on Friday
COVID-19: Two die as 731 new cases are registered
COVID-19: One death and 822 new cases registered
Five die as 719 new COVID-19 cases are registered
Airport, hoteliers welcome lifting of more COVID-19 restrictions
COVID-19: Three die as 530 new cases are registered
Nurses claim COVID crisis with 150 patients in Mater Dei Hospital
COVID self-testing to be allowed from this week, masks to be removed in schools from 13 April