659 new COVID-19 cases registered on Friday
Chris Fearne tests positive for COVID-19
760 new COVID cases registered on Thursday
COVID-19: Three die as 717 new cases are registered
Tourism sector welcomes PM pledge to lift all COVID-19 restrictions
COVID-19 cases double overnight as 603 infections are registered
COVID-19: Three die as 360 new cases are registered
COVID-19: 353 new cases, one death registered on Sunday
COVID-19: 465 new cases registered as numbers keep shooting up
COVID-19: Hospitalisations increase to 75, 415 new cases registered
COVID-19: Hospitalisations increase by more than 20, two elderly die
333 new COVID-19 cases registered, hospital admissions remain stable
COVID-19: Hoteliers back calls to remove remaining travel restrictions
COVID-19: Two die as 251 new cases are registered
Daily COVID cases spike fortnight after election announcement
COVID: Active cases stand at 2,356 after 203 new infections registered
COVID: 286 new cases recorded on Saturday
Court swiftly throws out ABBA protest on unvaccinated candidates
Over 300 new COVID cases for second day in a row, two die
COVID-19: One death and 304 new cases registered
Cassola throws down the gauntlet on ‘corrupt practice’ of COVID cheques in mid-election
COVID-19: Infections on the rise with 229 new positive cases registered
COVID: Two deaths, 194 new cases registered on Tuesday
Airport boss Alan Borg says time to remove COVID restrictions as travel picks up
COVID-19: One death and 143 new cases
Laura Calleja
COVID-19: Active cases rise, 48 patients in hospital
139 new COVID-19 cases registered on Friday
COVID-19: 153 new cases registered as upward trend continues
COVID-19: Two deaths and 138 new cases registered
COVID-19: One death and 159 new cases registered
COVID-19: One death and 72 new cases registered
COVID: 99 new cases, 74 recoveries registered on Sunday
COVID-19: 121 new cases registered, 64-year-old woman dies
98 new COVID-19 cases registered on Friday
COVID-19: 126 new cases registered, 64-year-old male passes away
COVID-19: One death and 94 new cases registered
COVID-19: Three patients in ITU, 86 new cases registered
COVID-19: One death and 40 new cases registered
Election rallies means COVID rules on events must be scrapped
COVID-19: Two new deaths, 56 new cases