Police fine 121 people for group gatherings on Monday
Man arrested after police find drugs, numerous weapons
Two arrested in drug find
Court & Police
Karl Azzopardi
Updated | Police won’t investigate BirdLife criminal complaint on spring hunting licences
Fake healthcare worker jailed for string of robberies targeting elderly
Police investigating Birkirkara theft
Court & Police
Karl Azzopardi
Man jailed after trashing government office to avoid COVID-19 temperature scan
Police fine 43 people for group gatherings on Monday
Youth crashes into police vehicle, tries to escape
Updated | Man charged following police drug raid in Gozo
Court & Police
Matthew Agius / Massimo Costa
Coronavirus: 81 people fined for group gatherings of more than three
Coronavirus: Police contingency plan in place
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Two youths detained over courtroom assault on police officers
Police coronavirus quarantine enforcement protocols laid out in stakeholders’ meeting
Police car chase youngsters charged with a slew of offences denied bail
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Three men arrested for drug possession during police traffic inspections
Man arrested after breaking into Hamrun residence
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The institutional rot still runs deep
Police union official under investigation over reports he ran extra duty abuse scheme
Police racket: ‘The bad of the few must not obscure the good work of the many,’ police union says
Man fined after resisting police who stopped him while smoking inside bar
Police investigating internal abuse shows institutions are working, Prime Minister says
Updated | Police racket: arrests rise to 40, cops took ‘protection money’ to turn blind eye
Updated | 37 traffic cops arrested amid overtime abuse investigation
30 traffic police officers arrested in abuse investigation
Stolen French sulkies traced to Marsa stables
[WATCH] Minister reacts to arrests of dozens of traffic police who skived off work
Police deserve protection in the line of duty, court says as man is accused of violently resisting arrest
Police had charged murder suspect with domestic violence seven years ago
Two police forming part of Prime Minister’s security detail removed
No bail for road hog who threatened police officers
[WATCH] Adrian Delia files formal request for police to investigate Karl Cini
Egrant inquiry conclusions being investigated, police say
Government forced to amend 'discriminatory law' on police safety by European Commission
Looking back at 2019 | Catching the mastermind and shaking the foundations of Castille
Six persons land in prison for using counterfeit passports
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