Police patrol foils Paceville mobile theft
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Off-duty policeman foils van theft
Karl Azzopardi
Man jailed for injuring police officers, as court says violence towards police inexcusable
Three police officers charged with trafficking cocaine
Fighting the good fight | Inspector Sandro Camilleri
Aggressive man injures himself and police sergeant while under arrest
Driver who caused police station fracas remanded in custody
Trust in the Police needs  to be rebuilt
Prime Minister: Respect institutions always, even when you don't agree with them
[WATCH] Police solidarity march draws the crowds in Valletta
Matthew Agius / Karl Azzopardi
No bail for father and son charged with setting stolen Mercedes ablaze
Three charged with inciting hatred against police on Facebook posts
Police to hold solidarity march on Saturday, demand respect for wounded cop’s privacy
[WATCH] Updated | Police officer critically injured after being run over by underage driver
[WATCH] Teenager charged with attempted murder of police officer
[WATCH] Police decry 'wild west attitude' of man involved in car chase
Man acquitted of resisting arrest as court says he was pistol-whipped by police
Ten people arrested following Paceville drug bust
Man denies stealing laptop from parked car
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Burglars severely punished for break-in
Court & Police
Matthew Agius

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